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Shipping Cost and Billing

Shipping for domestic orders less than $350 USD and all Alaska/Hawaii/International orders is billed separately (as I am unable to predict the two necessary variables - box/crate size and weight - either accurately or automatically at checkout). An invoice with actual shipping cost and tracking number will be emailed or texted separately. Payment is due at the time of shipment.

FREE Shipping*

Shipping is never FREE of course. Someone always has to "pay the freight." But I've always maintained that the only good business deals are the ones where both parties benefit. So at a reasonable price point, where we both benefit, shipping can be free for you if you reside in CONUS and your order is greater than $350 subtotal (inclusive of any applicable discount). If you live in Alaska, Hawaii, Canada or overseas, you will receive a 10% discount on your order (in lieu of free shipping) if your order exceeds $350 subtotal (after 10% discount). Terms and conditions do apply.

*FREE Shipping of freight orders (see notes under YRC and FreightQuote) includes Standard Shipping to the nearest freight terminal (YRC/UPS/FedEx). It does not include Residential Delivery, Lift Gate, or Time Critical Services. Naturally, those services can be arranged if you so desire, but Residential Delivery and Lift Gate Service can range from $75 to as high as $125 each. For reference, on a recent (10/2023) near 600 lb shipment using FreightQuote, FedEx Freight quoted a comparatively reasonable roughly $135 combined cost for Residential Delivery and Lift Gate services.

Shipping Partners


I have Small Package (less than 150 lbs) accounts with both UPS and USPS, using the least expensive option. Until YRC folded on August 2023, they were my freight shipper of choice. Fortunately, my longtime YRC account manager now works for XPO, so making the transition was easy. I have also used, which provides instantaneous competitive quotes from multiple LTL carriers. For international shipments, I use either USPS or DHL - which for shipments over 111 lbs provided a very reasonable, cost-effective shipping solution.


I reestablished an account with DHL in early 2020. As of 6/25/20, I get a 67% discount on shipping, which I pass on fully to you. For heavy shipments (> 200 lbs) overseas, they are hard to beat for cost and efficiency. For example, below is an actual invoice showing actual shipping costs for a large burl slab (222 lbs crated) shipped to Germany. Note the base shipping cost of $444 USD ($2/lb). The customer requested insurance. After the fact, DHL did apply an $89 surcharge because the shipment was over 150 lbs and one dimension exceeded 48". More recently, I shipped a near $1500/115 lb order for $255, part of which (nearly $150) was offset by my 10% discount for international orders over $350. I was successful in my effort to have that surcharge removed. DHL is an excellent option for efficient, cost effective overseas shipping, though it will likely be more expensive than USPS for smaller shipments. DHL is exceptionally cost-effective for shipments over 111 lbs.

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YRC Freight

Prior to their liquidation in 2023, I used YRC Freight to ship freight orders including large crates. Freight is generally considered to be over 150 lbs (unless I ship in multiple boxes). In years past, YRC rated shipments by the type product being shipped (generally Class 70, 65 or 55 for my products) and the density of the crate. A rating under 20 was the most expensive. A rating over 30 the least expensive. And between 20 and 30, somewhere in between. Regardless, their rates were always less than UPS Freight or FedEx Freight.

*FREE shipping on qualified FREIGHT ORDERS is to the nearest YRC Terminal - via Standard service - unless you are able to take delivery at a business address (with loading dock or forklift) or request and are willing to pay the additional cost of Expedited Service (if any) or Time Critical Service.

**Unfortunately, in August of 2023, parent company of YRC, Yellow, announced it would be discontinuing operations permanently. I have shifted my freight business to XPO (where my former YRC account manager works) and

XPO and

Since YRC Freight went out of business in August 2023, I am now using XPO (where my former YRC account manager now works) or FreightQuote by C.H. Robinson for CONUS freight shipments. FreightQuote seems to have a pretty good model, quoting rates for multiple companies to choose from almost instantly. XPO seems to provide the most competitive pricing to replace YRC for service to Alaska with an ~ $870 shipping cost for current outbound crate weighing 600 lbs. That's pretty darn good, especially considering I help offset that cost with a 10% discount on the order subtotal. For further domestic freight shipping, I'll use the most cost effective/efficient service.

*FREE shipping on qualified FREIGHT ORDERS is to the nearest Terminal - via Standard service - unless you are able to take delivery at a business address (with loading dock or forklift) or request and are willing to pay the additional cost of Residential Delivery (RD) and Lift Gate (LG) services. For reference, a recent shipment (October 2023) via FedEx Freight (using FreightQuote) the combined costs for those fees was roughly $135 for a shipment just under 600 lbs. Other companies quoted higher fees for RD/LG services.


USPS is the method of choice for most customers overseas and in Alaska, Hawaii and Canada for small package shipments under 70 lbs. Their rates include customs brokerage. If you require a shipping quote, I can provide an estimate using the USPS app based on estimated size and package weight. Customers are responsible for any applicable GST, VAT, etc., specific to their country.

For small domestic orders, providing they fit in the boxes, it is really hard to beat USPS Regional Rate Box A or Regional Rate Box B (though they are not always cheaper than Flat Rate or other shipping methods. Regional Rate C boxes have been discontinued.
Regional Rate Box A and B shipping has also been discontinued though I can still use the boxes I currently have for modestly cheaper commercial rates than Flat Rate (depending on the zip code) using USPS Enhanced Click-N-Ship.

*Note - Flat rate pricing and weight restrictions vary by country. Depending on the shape/weight, shipping via the USPS "Choose Your Own Box" method may be cheaper than Flat Rate.

Ocean Freight

I can arrange shipment via ocean freight to most countries through my customs broker at Seamodal, but pricing is based on a minimum weight or crate size (generally a cubic meter). Because the Port of Norfolk, VA is primarily a container port, less than a container load (LCL) shipments are transported by truck to the Port of Charleston or Port of New York for consolidation, i.e., to be added to a container headed to the destination port until it is filled. So while Ocean Freight rates will definitely be less than Air Freight, total shipment time can be 6-8 weeks depending on how long it takes to consolidate a container and other factors. This is where DHL becomes really cost effective for shipments over 111 lbs, with delivery to most countries in under a week (depending on customs) at very reasonable cost for their efficiency.


I do not purchase insurance when I ship as I consider it a poor investment. Rather, I wrap your purchase in heavy duty stretch wrap and box (using high quality strapping tape and double boxing if necessary) or crate so as to preclude movement during transit. Should you wish to purchase insurance, please let me know prior to packing/shipment.